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This website is a tool designed as an invitation and explanation for the project.

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The goals of this project are:

1. Encourage people to participate in building community. Community is defined by however people choose to come together to build community. Examples are: a neighborhood community, a household community - and other physically oriented/location based communities. Examples can also be a community around a special interest, such as a gaming community, intimacy community, age oriented community, performance community, artisan community, etc

2. Create the community, actualize people's desire to participate by having people build community with one another. This generally includes - having people be present with one another in some capacity (online, in person, in action, etc). Then in defining the purpose, intention, and other aspects of the community that equates to the reason to form the community. Followed by specific actions people can take, roles people can have, and the creation of functions of the community that serve a desired purpose.

3. Reinforce the community with the resources that they need in order to envision the design of the community; the possible practices, functions, or activities of the community; the strategies needed to achieve the visions and goals of the community; additional resources that the community would need from outside the community or methods of mutually aiding the community with resources held by individuals or sub-communities/organizations within it.

4. Integrating autonomous communities into a network or collective of communities that can be used to serve each other or achieve goals that are best achieved through a collective effort at a greater scale.

5. Provide a social movement for (all)people to get involved in that directly serves their needs, dreams, and desires for a better life, community, and world.


Currently being worked on:

~ This website is being worked on, in order to share the project with you
~ Core group of project-starters being formed, deciding who to start with
~ Location for project start chosen as SF/Bay Area | potentially elsewhere/nowhere
~ Original project framework/design still very flexible, currently being envisioned with your help
~ Additional resources and tools for project start being developed and invented
~ Looking and asking for a lot of vision and guidance from everyone
~ Figuring out how to be radically inclusive, inviting all people, yet still doing something radical/alternative.
~ More to come


At this phase, the project is a collection of ideas gathered from a multitude of people. How the project will unfold, and what exactly will be done needs to be a continual group effort. However, the seed idea being given here is simply the desire to come together with the intention of building something that we want to see happen in our lives.